About Us

The inception of the show comes from an honest and lighthearted place.  The Fletcher Brothers have always poked fun, discussed, and debated an array of colorful topics.  From Kanye West’s clothing line to income inequality and overhyped MMA athletes just to name a few.  From these frequent conversations, Black Podcasts Matter was born.  We recognized the need for more black voices in all media platforms (ie: podcasts, radio, television, movies, etc.).  These black voices need to be unfiltered and uncontrolled by network influences connected to advertising dollars.

The Fletcher Brothers give a refreshing take on all news happening regularly from a space that is germane to black culture and society.  With debates taking place around the country in regards to police brutality, and the untimely death of their visiting cousin in their own hometown by local police, the first episode made itself (see police video) and (hear their take).  The Fletcher Brothers have realistic world views that is spoken from black history, culture, and perspectives.  They understand the need for American Black History being taught in schools to everyone,  but those in the black community especially need black history for OUR children to forge an identity.  We aim to become your echo for the otherwise unheard.